1. What is the African Think Tank Network?
The African Think Tank Network is an international network of think tanks based in Africa.

It is a platform for information sharing, exchange of ideas, knowledge creation and dissemination, and creating partnerships among think tanks in order to individually and collectively develop evidence-based solutions to the pressing development challenges facing Africa

2. Why is establishing a Network of African Think Tank so important?
The importance of establishing such network among think tanks was repeatedly emphasized throughout the First and Second Think Tank Summits. Through networking think tanks could better maximize their limited resources, more effectively disseminate expertise throughout the think tank community, and reach a larger audience.

3. How can I become an individual member?
Individuals interested in becoming member can directly Signup for membership. They can also Invite a friend to member.

4. How can my institution join the network?

Think thanks interested in being member of the Network can apply by completing the application form using the following link: http://africathinktanks.org/apply

Alternatively, think tanks interested in becoming member of the network can also send an email to the coordinator (b.diawara@acbf-pact.org) for further approval by the Advisory Group. Institutions should provide information on their mission, objectives, activities, location, staffing and focal person.

5. Is there a fee for membership?
At this stage, membership to the African Think Tank Network is free.

6. Where can I find out more about the African Think Tank Network and related events?
On the African Think Tank Network website www.africathinktanks.org/

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